Vividly GRand Pretoria Studio

Web Design Services 

Design is thinking made visual.

– Saul Bass

Vividly GRand Pretoria Studio

Web Design Services 

Design is thinking made visual.

– Saul Bass

Web Design. Our Speciality

The design of each website consists of many factors. Like we mentioned in How we Work, the look and feel of a website is often more important than most people realize.

 When you have a company or a brand, often the first (and sometimes only) impression people may have of you is what they see on their computer screen.

With so many competing products and services, we often have one chance to impress someone with what we have to offer. Many websites may have the correct phrases, words and paragraphs in them, but ultimately what will create a first connection of trust between the prospect and the company or brand, is the quality of visual elements.

The storefront approach.

Websites can be compared to storefronts if you may.

Most retailers have their floors clean, there displays neat and the products in a line. But they also place high importance on the display in the shop window. It is because they know the well-displayed shop window will draw more customers in that if they did not at all have a shop window, and left it blank.

That is the basic principle for retailers, but it applies equally well to all industries we connect with.

One may not always realize it, but one has a great deal more trust in a mechanic whose waiting room is professional with clean carpets and the option of coffee being served, than in a mechanic where your waiting area is in the corner of the workshop loaded with noise and the sight of grease and overalls.

People don’t always consciously think about it, but subtle imagery has a way of shaping one’s opinion on a certain brand or company.

In web design and with dedicated graphic designers, we pay specific attention to those factors, in order to help our clients stand out above the rest.

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