Life is more than blogging, and living far beyond the state of existence.

VividlyGrand Inspiration

Through my career as a journalist and writer of fiction, I have come to realise life, in all its brilliance, is something to be sought after.

And sought after with a passion.

There are those who shape and cultivate beauty in every way possible, whether it be through music and the arts, through architecture and engineering, or through design in every shape and size.

These are the people who enhance our lives with the creativity embedded in each and every one of us.

These are the people who raise our life quality, however little, time and again, and in turn, whose life quality exceeds our wildest imaginations.

But how do they do it?

How did Chopin and Rembrandt create their masterpieces? How do the finest of gentleman suits come to fruition or the grandest of fashion blogs hold our special attention?

I believe that it is all done through inspiration.

Without inspiration, very few great works of art and products of substance and value would have ever made a difference in our lives.

If one is inspired enough, the hard work and discipline will follow. If one is inspired enough, enough momentum and will power will be mustered to withstand any resistance that comes along the way.

I also believe, that each and every individual, has the potential to be inspired to such a degree, that they in themselves become an inspiration for those around them.

Now I’m sure there are a million ways to be inspired, and a million more ways to inspire those around us.

But if there is one thing I know, that will improve your odds, then it is to keep, whatever you do, especially in the world of design and creative work, vivid and grand.

Simple really. Keep it vivid. And keep it grand.

A modern thesaurus enlightens us on the subject everything vivid as bright, intense, rich, brilliant, vibrant and half a dictionary of other synonyms. The word ‘grand’ on the other hand, couldn’t be more straightforward in its utterance relating to magnificence or excellence if you like.

But all that doesn’t matter half as much as the personal meaning the particular person attaches to his or her work.

I can tell you that a blog is vividly grand, but the passion with which that blog is designed is what the reader will experience.

And that is what we focus on.

Portraying the passion, the energy, the brilliance and the grandness of the higher works created on a daily basis. We work hard at showing our readers alternative ideas on lifestyle and living, that adds value to lives and increases the quality of life through words and images.

My name is Snyman Rijkloff.

I am a writer.

The people I write for, are those who seek ways on how to improve not only their own lives, but also ways to improve the lives of those in their circle of influence, and the environment in which we find ourselves.

I do it with blogs, books and videos.

The core readership and viewers of those who are touched by the work I do are inspired to reach for more, to create something of value, (however small or great,) and to work hard at making the world a better place.

And I intend to always keep it, VividlyGrand.