New series on Blogging for South Africans coming soon!

Post on blogging for South AfricansOur series on Blogging for South Africans coming soon!


Maybe you’ve thought about it before.

Maybe you wonder if it could be a fulfilling hobby.

Maybe you consider it to help your current business grow.


Wherever your field of creativity and expertise may be, we will help you get started with a brand new blog with plenty of custom designs to choose from.


Through our series of articles to follow, you will learn the WordPress blogging basics, how to write, how to find ideas for your topics, how to create an additional income through your blog, and how to shine online, for not only South Africa, but for the whole world to see.


Keep an eye out for a weekly article on Blogging for South Africans, only at VividlyGrand Web design.

And above all, always remember to keep it vividly grand!


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Design and taste. – A combination of value.

And that is what we are all about. Creating value.

Much more than just a website, but rather a statement of who you are and why you do what you do.

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