Our Approach
Design is a formal response to a strategic question

– Mariona Lopez

Different people, different needs


Here at the VividlyGrand studio, we understand that different people have different needs. We also have a vision for business and we ourselves would like to help you communicate to your potential market, your vision and how it is that your product of services would benefit them.

That is why, in almost all instances, start at what you want to achieve.
If for instance you just want personal blog for the pure enjoyment of journaling, then our approach will vastly differ from a corporate consulting firm, who has a very specific target market to reach.
We start out and determine whether an online shop, a magazine layout or a landing page would be the right solution for your goals.

VividlyGrand web design

Look and feel


On top of that do we then, based on a conversation with our client, determine the look and feel of the website.

The warmth and rich darkness of coffee shop websites are vastly different from the light and clean display of a dentist’s website. Corporate and investment websites portray completely different concepts of those marking exotic travel packages.

It is therefor important to know exactly what the expectation of our client is, and present a custom tailored design which would be a completely unique concept for his or her particular enterprise.

The work


We then get to work! With a bit of research, and a whole lot more conceptualizing, we get the ball rolling and having had our fair experience in the world of print, know how to stick to a deadline.

Careful planning and countless dedicated hours, ensures that our clients not only get what they bargained for, but remains satisfied with the service delivered. Once we have built the website, it is presented to the client and the necessary changes are discussed and then accordingly changed.

This process vary from client to client, but overall it happens quite swiftly. It is also applicable to all other services we render, from video to print and design.

The website, the domain and the content ultimately belongs to the client. Once our work on the web design is done, we give our clients the login details of his or her property.

VividlyGrand web design Pretoria

Our relationship


We evolve. The world evolves. We keep growing and so does our businesses, our brands, our marketing strategies and our presenting of ourselves.

That is way we understand the value of an ongoing working relationship. We have an ongoing working relationship with more than 90% of our clients, and are extremely proud of it.

Anybody can build a quick website and disappear.

We like to create master pieces, and with pride in our work, value the relationships of each and every project we take on.

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