About VividlyGrand

VividlyGrand started in a loft with one computer and an idea for a blog. With an inherent passion for publishing, the blogging grew into basic WordPress web development, and soon we were building corporate websites and online magazines for various companies.

Having started with WordPress in 2012, it remained the preferred content management system for all our web development, and having tested and explored a few other platforms, it remains the preferred platform we use.

One of the many advantages VividlyGrand has on offer is the fact that we do not just build you a standard website but gives you the opportunity to customize it with written content and copywriting to stand out from the crowd. Google and other search engines of late promote websites with more and quality content, above a standard and traditional website of four pages.

In addition to a wide range of services that range from corporate videos to brochures, and graphic design to social media strategies, we positioned ourselves as the content creators you need for a full and healthy website.

The lifestyle and influential online publication, Vividly Grand is a fine example of how vividly grand we tend all our web development to be.

We have a love for publishing. And we are living it, each moment of our lives.

Join us, and give your brand the wings it really longs for.


Our vision is to make accessable to both individuals and companies worldwide, the possibility and freedom of owning and growing, a world-class brand, and world-class website.


  • To provide our clients with first-rate web development in all its facets
  • To push the boundaries on both visual and written content, and in return becoming world leaders in web design.
  • To help businesses grow through effective strategies and online solutions.
  • To educate people regarding the world of blogging and online publishing.

All About Living

Given the name, we are slightly biased toward a more natural, simplistic and healthy outlook on life. We explore the best there is to be seen on the web and social media, and discover how we can altogether be more effective in marketing our businesses online.

Vividly Grand, both a design studio and a South African online publication on everything web related, (with the occasional post on the grandness of a good lifestyle,) strive to render services equal to no other in the world. We invite you to join in the adventure, and make it all extremely VividlyGrand!

Why Us?

Every Website Unique

Your business is unique. Your product, service, and personnel are all unique. We then go the extra mile, to find out what-what it is that drives you, and what sort of visual and written elements are needed, to draw the audience you want.

Exceptional Quality Work

Though we work in South Africa, we spend a vast amount of time keeping up with the latest trends in Europe, America, and the Asian countries. We may operate on the African continent, but our standards are highly European.


Online Training

Whether you opt for a blog or an online shop, we show you step for step how to manage and grow your activity. Either in person or via Skype, we make sure you know how to stay on top of things. 

Highly Responsive Websites

Our world is changing at a rapid rate. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are on the rise, and to remain relevant in the world of online marketing today, we have to keep up.


Great Support

We don’t leave you with a website are it is finished. We stay in touch. Updates, revamps, additional apps and features are all part of our commitment to you, whatever your request may be.

Passion, Energy and Drive

There are many web designers and developers who are good at what they do. But it takes more than skill to deliver something exceptional. It takes passion, energy, and understanding to ensure that excellent first impression every business owner wants to make.