The Stables

By Johannes Adriaan Snyman

It wasn’t the swirl of the kiss. The energy levels were too high.

It wasn’t her old fashioned farm style dress, with the short sleeves and the embroiled material around the fine lines of her neck. The excitement was too much.

It was the idea, that this very young beautiful girl, barely seventeen years of age, took a sincere interest in a man, she very well knew to be eight years her senior.

The idea that this new found, deep and pure affection the couple had toward each other, were as immovable and as firmly planted as the hundred –odd year old oak tree that stood next to the stables.

It was around this oak, on this incredibly humid summers day, that Emily took her beloved firmly by the hand, and with some resistance lead him in by the back door where they had no other choice than to be positioned between a great stud horse and a roughly built wall.

As is custom on such a warm day, the thunder clouds started building up, with a beautiful dark blue sky, showing off with lightening in a distance, clearly seen but not yet heard. The sun shining its powerful rays on the various colours of green grass, made for a spectacular view against the strong blue sky, and it was this sight Benjamin saw, looking over Emily’s head, through the open stable window behind her.

Since dragging him into the stables, she didn’t hesitate for a moment, and threw her arms around him, hugging him with her head to side, pressed against his breast. Having her eyes open though, she saw the remarkable peculiar shade of brown on the rear of the thoroughbred, standing only a few inches from the couple.

The intense heat has reached its peak, and the zoom of the cicadas has suddenly and notably stopped. So much so that she looked up in to Benjamin’s eyes, and with a half whispering tone asked him to kiss her.

They have never been this close to each other, and for a good reason to. This sort of behavior wasn’t the least sanctioned by Emily’s parents, who also happened to be Benjamin’s employers for the previous two months.

Although they both were very much aware of the possible consequences, should they be found out, Emily was less concerned about the matter, naturally because of her comfort and luxury being brought up on such a prestigious ranch, and it wasn’t exactly her job which was at stake at the particular moment. Above all, Benjamin supposing to be the more mature individual, was expected to show some responsibility regarding the matter, but Emily, being used to always get what she want, knew that a serious tantrum with a stream of tears would flow, should her beloved choose not to grant her their first kiss.

And so he did.

He gave her a quick kiss on the side of her mouth and tried to loosen himself from her grip.

But she wouldn’t let go, and somehow, with no explanation, they looked in each other’s eyes, complete motionless for a moment.

A moment in which they realised that there would be no resistance.

Benjamin gently took Emily’s face in the palms of his hands, lowered his face toward hers and with an equally gentle touch, kissed her lips with the passion she desired.

Heavy drops of rain started beating down on the corrugated iron roof, causing the kiss to last much longer than either one ever intended.