Not at all your average hunting meat

Riga Merchants are merchants of name. We pride ourselves in the quality of every single product coming from our platforms.


That is why we do not purchase any meat that has been hunted during the South African hunting season, nor do we except any meat from game ranchers who offers a couple of animals which were in excess and needed to be culled for the purposes of game ranch management.

Our meat comes only from registered, export and internationally approved game abattoirs, who continues to supply some of the top markets in the world.

It is of utmost importance to understand this, as a large part of the South African public perception about game meat (venison,) originates from what we experienced because of a culture of hunting.

In most cases, the hunt takes place during the day, and with this, there are usually some hunting related action involved. This causes adrenaline rushes among other natural biochemical reactions in the animal, especially if it was not a head shot, which have a dramatic effect on the quality, tenderness and taste of the meat. There are, apart from that, very rarely any consistency with the processing of the meat, as various factors plays a role in the correct way of bleeding the animal, and the effectiveness of getting it to the slaughtering facility.

The game meat from Riga merchant is professionally harvested by a team of registered harvesters, using suppressors on their rifles, placing head-shots and frequently working at night, so as to cause minimum suffering to the animals with absolutely no damage to the meat itself.

The processing is done in a similar fashion where quality can be maintained by very effective transport of the carcasses, at just the right temperature and readiness of staff at the abattoir and processing facilities.

This, among many other factors, insures us to be able to supply to you, some of the best products South Africa has to offer.

With a very quick, deliciously pan-fried sirloin steak, why not give it a try and fall in love with a premium source of nutrition, natural in every sense, the healthy game meat option for everyone.

Major health benefits of South African Game meat.

Most of us are aware of the low fat content of game meat and the natural benefits organic meat hold for our bodies, but there are a few other benefits triumphing the mainstream meat products we find on our shelves currently.

To start with, Game meat in general has lower Omega-6 fatty acids, which, according to Linus Pauling Institute in Oregon, USA, can cause higher inflammation in the body. On the other hand, game meat boasts with a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which in effect can lower the risk of heart disease as well as a vigorous curb on stiffness and joint pain.

With up to 30% richer in protein, coupled with some iron and zinc benefits, which we will have a look at in a later blog post, the paybacks on eating game just keeps adding up.

There is however a crucial determining factor when standing in front of the fridge or freezer at the local retailer and having to make a decision on the overwhelmingly round chicken, or the lean game.

Your taste buds in relation to your imagination has a great impact on whether you opt for the more socially excepted, or for the health factor, both presented equally tasty on display. Well, this is where the great news comes in. It does not take long to cook up a proper meal with great taste, when quickly want to fix something for dinner. Time is of the essence for most professional people, and cooking takes up much of the precious moments that could have been spent with the family. With game meat however, a couple of minutes is all you need.

Quick and easy, in the pan. You really can’t go wrong.