Italy has been and remain long associated with elegant clothing, sophisticated class, and of course, with the very masculine descendants of true roman sons, the epitome of what it means to be dressed like a true gentleman.

Naturally, it can get a bit overwhelming when diving into the online ocean of fashion and media, especially if not familiar with the fashion trends of the major metropolitans. It then becomes super handy to know someone who has done the effort in guiding those initial, over enthusiastic steps, one might take toward the higher end in life.

This is where Alessandro comes in.

Alessandro lives in Milan, Italy and started the very successful brand and Instagram account, GENTS CAFÉ in May 2016.

The idea behind the brand is “to create a daily source of inspiration for modern gentlemen from all over the world,” and Instagram seemed to be a very good option as a platform for the purpose.

Alessandro has a passion for Sprezzatura, which he, in his e-book explains, “is a term introduced by Baldassare Castiglione, Italian author of The Book of the Courtier, as well as guidance for distinguished and elegant gentlemen, who first spoke of this ‘art that conceals art’“.

Now here comes the interesting part.

The e-book, the first volume of “The Gents Café Handbook” and free to download from the Gents Café website, is as handy as they come when searching for the latest and most relevant online magazines, otherwise known as the best classy blogs around.

The e-book features no less than thirteen of the top publications in the world of gentleman fashion, from the all-round men’s style, ‘Mr. Porter Journal’ to the extremely classy ‘I Am Galla.’

Jumping straight into the handbook, not only started me on a couple of hours’ worth of exploring, but added a whole new dimension to my Instagram feed, garentued to be a delightful experience that just can’t be compared to any other.

Article by:  Johannes A Snyman  Photo: Supplied / WebsiteGents Café / Location: Milan, Italy

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