By Adriaan Snyman  |  16 August 2017

People like changes. And so do we. In a good way at least.

And that is why Vividly Grand had its brand new makeover. The layout is still something of a working progress, but we’re enjoying every moment of it! Granted, we have been posting a decent amount of fiction lately, but who can resist some good and fresh literature when it presents itself in the spur of the moment?

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The Typewriter
Bernard’s answer

Bernard’s answer

Bernard’s answer By Johannes Adriaan Snyman It was one of those peaceful evenings again. Outside the farm house, the hot humid air filled the heart of every living creature, and the low-veld quietness would have overwhelmed anybody taking a stroll in the moonlight....

Coffee cups

Coffee cups By Johannes Adriaan Snyman In life, there are just certain things a man needs to hide. Especially in this part of the Eastern Free State. Like for instance your neighbour’s cattle that incidentally came strolling on to your farm as a result of a broken...

Meisie van Clocolan

Meisie van Clocolan

Meisie van Clocolan By Johannes Adriaan Snyman It was at a time when quite the whole world was expecting a miracle. The British had lost many a solder in the war, and the Afrikaners seem to have lost their President in a country not so close to the republic as they’re...

Power, Love, Self-control

When confronted with the challenges and difficulties in this life, that which we are commanded to overcome, (Revelations 2:7) it is often easier to, out of habit or otherwise, become the victims of whatever it is we are facing.

Keep living it vividly grand.

And that is why Vividly Grand had its brand new makeover. The layout is still something of a working progress, but we’re enjoying every moment of it!

Major health benefits of South African Game meat.

Most of us are aware of the low fat content of game meat and the natural benefits organic meat hold for our bodies, but there are a few other benefits triumphing the mainstream meat products we find on our shelves currently. To start with, Game meat in general has...

From Dubai

FROM DUBAI Amazing stories from South Africans in Dubai keep making the rounds, and so we ventured to have a chat with L’re van Rooyen. For the last year or so, L’re has ardently been working in a royalty of palaces in the United Arab Emirates, attending to the ‘pets’...

Drama, Theatre and Film – Micia

Drama, Theatre and Film - Micia De Wet The world of theatre and film has for the most part been undervalued and underappreciated in South Africa, especially when compared with the European culture of the industry. I then came across Micia, and asked her if she would...

Not at all your average hunting meat

Riga Merchants are merchants of name. We pride ourselves in the quality of every single product coming from our platforms.   That is why we do not purchase any meat that has been hunted during the South African hunting season, nor do we except any meat from game...

Feb Instagram favorites

This month’s favorites came up rather early, and takes us all over the world. Brightly does it!


THE SARTORIALIST Bloggers want to be him. New Yorkers adore him. And photo journalists has been copying his techniques for goodness-know, how many years now. The very special, (and may I add,) very creative man behind the camera in the streets of, well most major hubs...


Sprezzatura Italy has been and remain long associated with elegant clothing, sophisticated class, and of course, with the very masculine descendants of true roman sons, the epitome of what it means to be dressed like a true gentleman. Naturally, it can get a bit...

Venison Cubanos Recipe

A while ago, the movie Chef had us all gasping for Mojo’s Marinated Pork Cubanos, it so famously promoted. This very traditional Cuban cuisine has become all the more popular, (Especially since the movie came out) but here in South Africa, we tend to take...