Category: The Typewriter

Bernard’s answer

Bernard’s answer By Johannes Adriaan Snyman It was one of those peaceful evenings again. Outside the farm house, the hot humid air filled the heart of every living creature, and the low-veld quietness would have overwhelmed...

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Coffee cups

Coffee cups By Johannes Adriaan Snyman In life, there are just certain things a man needs to hide. Especially in this part of the Eastern Free State. Like for instance your neighbour’s cattle that incidentally came strolling on...

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Meisie van Clocolan

Meisie van Clocolan By Johannes Adriaan Snyman It was at a time when quite the whole world was expecting a miracle. The British had lost many a solder in the war, and the Afrikaners seem to have lost their President in a country...

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The conversation

The conversation By Johannes Adriaan Snyman “I have said it all you know. I have seen it all too!” Those were the words Bernard Langford was ranting at the thought of the current literature going about, telling people how and...

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