Avo and Rosy

By Johannes Adriaan Snyman

Once upon a time there was an avocado tree by the name of Avo.

Avo was an evergreen tree whose leaves did not whither.

He was bearing much fruit in his season.

Avo was a young tree but he stood firm in the ground, receiving fresh water from a fresh water brook next to it.

Close by grew a tremendously beautiful, young grape vine.

Her name was Vine.

Vine had many sweet looking grapes, and both Avo and Vine were delighted to speak to each other.

They took a significant liking in each other and both agreed that they wanted to grow next to each other, both drawing water from the same brook.

Avo’s desire was however that they keep drinking from the same water stream and that they not grow their branches intertwined with one another until an agreed upon and appointed time.

Avo remembered how, long ago, he allowed a beautiful lemon tree to grow all around him from top to bottom. They enjoyed of each other’s fruit in abundance, but after a while a rottenness in the roots of the lemon tree, started weakening her branches, and the dependence on Avo was so great, that he was not only hindered in growth, but also prevented from bearing fruit and even of drinking water from the stream. But it was long ago, and Avo didn’t want that to happen again.

Beautiful Vine however, challenged the idea of not intertwining their branches by asking where on earth, from the water stream or anywhere else Avo got the idea from. Vine nevertheless accepted it and agreed that it was a good idea.

Immediately came an extremely vivid dream to Avo. It was light all around him, but soon the light appeared to be flames, and his whole world around him burned down to the ground. Avo didn’t understand the dream and upon discussing the dream with La Grande Orange, the trusted orange tree standing further up the stream which also produced much good fruit, came to the conclusion that the dream was related to another matter altogether.

Now the beautiful Vine thought it good to let just one of her branches grow around some of the leaves of the avocado tree, and although it was against the desire of Avo, he, with much enjoyment, allowed it for the moment, but didn’t quite get used to it, as it bothered him a great deal.

A very sad thing came about, as some of Vine’s fruit, turned out to be sour grapes, and so Avo couldn’t enjoy the fruit to the full extent, making the beautiful Vine rather unhappy and confused.

Vine decided then to withdraw her branches from Avo for a set time. Avo in his turn didn’t understand what was happening, and became extremely sorrowful, especially because beautiful Vine was so strong and firmly planted.

Then something even worse happened. A thunder storm broke out above Avo, with dreadful strong winds, hammering in full force against him. Lightening struck all around in total darkness and a vast hail storm came crashing down on Avo. It was so harsh that his avocado fruit, his leaves and his branches were severely damaged.

Other trees, who didn’t drink water from the stream, ridiculed him, showing him that he is not a good tree by the looks of his damaged fruit. Some thorn bushes, being dry and not having any water, also tried to pull him down.  Many other beautiful trees still invited him to allow them to grow and intertwine their branches with his, but he knew that it would be immoral and in the wrong.  The most terrible instance was a tree telling him of the clean water stream being polluted, which was a lie and a utter falsehood, and the avocado tree didn’t believe it.

Eventually, after a short period of time, the storm calmed down and although Avo was strong and healthy, he felt the pain of the damage and came to the full realization of his extremely fragile state. The battered Avo knew that, not to do anything and just stand strong was for the moment a very wise thing to do. And it was exactly what he did. Standing strong and drinking water from the fresh water brook.

After a while, Vine decided to approach Avo, and told him that, although Vine can see Avo is a good tree, because of several reasons, she doesn’t want to grow next to him and they cannot have their branches growing together, ever again.

Avo was grateful for Vine’s honesty, and understood many things which he didn’t understand before. In spite of the new found wisdom, there came a dark and dense mist over Avo. The tree, still battered as ever just kept drinking more and more water from the brook, but didn’t feel it helping, as the mist just wouldn’t go away. The mist was so intense that Avo couldn’t see anything, and the most awful feeling came over him. Avo started weeping to such an extent that the other trees thought he would wither and die. To see big strong Avo crying was a horrific sight and traumatic in every sense. But he stood strong and remained ever closer to the brook.

It was for a season. A season that would one day be totally forgotten. And the season together with all its sorrows did pass. And the fruit of that season came to good use, marvelous in the sight of all to see.

And in a season and a time, came the delightful rose tree. Her name was Rosy. She was splendid in all her ways, with her red and white roses breathtaking as ever. The smell of each flower was from out of this world and having grown her branches all around Avo, blossomed like no other tree ever.

The fragrance became so overwhelming, so heavenly that Avo brought forth fruit a hundred fold, and all the trees testified to the fact that this joining together was exceptional in every way. So much so that all the other trees, by way of the delicious fruit, the exhilarating scent and the spectacular view of the unification between Avo and Rosy, couldn’t help but to draw closer to the brook of fresh water, and all drank freely of it, without any scarceness.