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Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon By Johannes Adriaan Snyman “This is absolute nonsense, I’m taking her to the doctor. There is nothing more to say. End of discussion.” It was the words of Rassie Koch, fearsomely echoing against the walls of the quiet living room on a Sunday afternoon, where only the ticking of the grandfather’s clock could be heard. Marina, sitting on a chair against the wall in the opposite side of the room, wanted to run away from her husband, who occupied himself by staring through the window at Klaradyn, their adopted daughter, having his back turned to his wife....

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The Headmaster

The headmaster By Johannes Adriaan Snyman “Klaradyn?” the headmaster of the school said as he saw the total lack of emotion on the face of the sixteen-year-old teenager sitting across from his desk. “Are you more comfortable in German or English?” She was staring at the newly planted trees through the windows of the large office, but slowly turned her head toward the authoritative figure, so full of himself that she deemed him more pathetic than anyone she has ever met. She looked straight into his eyes, and without so much of a blink, proclaimed; “My name is Mira.”...

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Klaradyn By Johannes Adriaan Snyman If a young gentleman found himself to be a passenger in the front seat of a dark green government truck, slowly driving from Pretoria in a westward direction, he would have come to a small town by the name of Duikersdrift. The young gentleman would notice the distinctive green government lorry coming to a halt in front of what seems to be the only shop in the town, also serving as the post office on a Tuesday morning. The driver of the lorry would then tell the young gentleman that he indeed arrived at...

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Sprezzatura Italy has been and remain long associated with elegant clothing, sophisticated class, and of course, with the very masculine descendants of true roman sons, the epitome of what it means to be dressed like a true gentleman. Naturally, it can get a bit overwhelming when diving into the online ocean of fashion and media, especially if not familiar with the fashion trends of the major metropolitans. It then becomes super handy to know someone who has done the effort in guiding those initial, over enthusiastic steps, one might take toward the higher end in life. This is where...

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