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A Passion to live for

South African Game Meat doesn’t get better then this!


Here at REINHUYS we believe that everyone should have access to the best quality of food this country has to offer.

We believe that a healthy and growing economy is only part of a healthy eating nation and that the highest quality in product, packaging and service delivery is a standard by which every business should conduct itself.

We believe that there are many ways to improve the quality of one’s life, but only a few of which compromising cannot be part of. In the environment and culture we live in today, there is no reason for any person to be satisfied with less than only the best we have to offer in clean and healthy living.

We are passionate about the lifestyle. We are passionate about your living.

We just so happen to produce the best Game meat you can buy just about anywhere in the world.

Would you like a cut?

Finest of qualities in game meat

High in quality – great in taste


South African Game Meat, like Venison from other parts in the world, has a very rich and distinctly unique taste, making it one of the most sought after meats in many countries including Germany and France.

The Hotel groups along with restaurant chains and high end retailers has in recent years become accustomed to some of the best quality meats the world has to offer.

That is why REINHUYS proudly represent the finest of qualities in game meat, focusing on only the best cuts from specifically registered wildlife ranches in South Africa.


Organic – Healthy

World Class, Export Quality Game Meat


All our meat products meets European standards and are of the highest quality, perfectly suitable for the International hotel and restaurant industry.

The meat of various species, including Springbuck, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Blesbuck and Kudu, is on average 30% higher in protein compared with other red meats, bringing it up to 20g of protein per 100g.  The fat content is also extremely low, with 0.5 gram fat per 100g.

Our selection of meat comprises of both chilled and frozen meats, vacuum packed to the specifications of the client.Our products include a range of Halal certified meat, making us a trusted source of preferred cuts of meat.


 Game Meat For the South African Market


Game meat, packaged and tailored for the South African market, delivered fresh at your door step.

With the local South African demand for premium quality game meat rapidly growing, REINHUYS have launched a range of meat products, bringing the best of quality cuts right into SA’s homes.

The meat comes mainly from ranches in the North-West and Limpopo provinces, and meet the current International Standards of ISO 22000 set forth by the South African Game Meat Scheme of Wildlife Ranching SA.