From Dubai


Amazing stories from South Africans in Dubai keep making the rounds, and so we ventured to have a chat with L’re van Rooyen.

For the last year or so, L’re has ardently been working in a royalty of palaces in the United Arab Emirates, attending to the ‘pets’ of the nobles, otherwise referred to as a private zoo.

Long hours and high demands kept her on her toes, while ensuring that she enjoyed every precious moment of free time she has with us here in South Africa over the December holidays.

Now for the odd bit.

She has a perfect modern, state of the art smart phone. Only it has no camera, nor any other ability to take photos. Naturally for security reasons, photos are prohibited in her work space, and so required of her to purchase something very few of us even new existed. Apparently only a couple of smart phones like these exist, and upon googling it, I found a Blackberry and something else, but not the one I saw in her hand.

Oh yes, one other thing. She also happens to be an excellent swimmer.

Unfortunately we didn’t get around to the swimming pool, but there is always a next time.

She’ll be traveling all around South Africa, in the days to come, with even Swaziland on her list of locations.