Month: December 2016

The Kloof

The Kloof By Johannes Adriaan Snyman Hans did not look good. If truth be told, I have more than often seen the condition my foreman finds himself in, after a disagreement with Nostertjie, my Boerboel who occasionally makes his way into the kraal. Apart from the scrapes on his arms and legs, torn clothes and the inappropriate amount of grass and soil in his hair, Hans had a nasty bullet wound in his left shoulder. It was late one Thursday afternoon when I saw him strolling towards my farm house and in the sunset I noticed his horse was limping too. As he made his way up on to the stoep, I asked him whether he had started a third Boer war all by himself. He didn’t think it very funny and asked me to help him remove the bullet and clean up the wound. And so I did. Not without a hassle though. Hans is a strong man. Stronger than I anticipated for I found myself putting in more effort keeping him down on the bed than pulling out the piece of metal using a heated coal iron, pressing down on the wound. He passed out soon after and slept right through until late morning the following day. His horse was also in a lot of pain from a bullet wound in one of the hind legs and...

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Tussen parabool en mite

Tussen parabool en mite By Johannes Adriaan Snyman O pretoria, O pretoria! jou swart heinings en teer strate weerspieël my mooiste prag en praal, jou vaal water en duister lug my suiwer skoonheid en helder sig. Ek is immers die bitter lied in smart van ook menigte, ‘n gebroke hart. O mens, O mens! jou moordadige korrupsie en vleeslike drang reflekteer my blomme tuin en kerk gesang, jou onrein wanbeeld en allemensige ontrou het die heerlikheid van my as persoon weerhou. Deur die duisternis aan my gebied omhels ek absoluut, my lye lied. O bestaan, O bestaan jou  hewige paraboliese mites uitgestal verklaar maar ‘n deeltjie van my diepste tranedal, jou swaar kry, langdurige swoeg en sweet voeg waarde tot my ryk verbeelding wreed. So verdrink ek in my eie vraag-net en gaan lê ek op die bodem van ‘n stil gebed.  ...

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THE SARTORIALIST Bloggers want to be him. New Yorkers adore him. And photo journalists has been copying his techniques for goodness-know, how many years now. The very special, (and may I add,) very creative man behind the camera in the streets of, well most major hubs in the world, is fervently leading the way in the world of fashion photo journalism. His name is Scott Schuman and he is The Sartorialist. Becoming one of the world’s renowned photographers, one can imagine a lot of hard work, inspiration and ambition needed but he admits himself when he says, “Each day...

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A memory of Hans Naudé

A memory of Hans Naudé By Johannes Adriaan Snyman To me it is always strange how something ordinary can spark a memory in the twinkling of an eye, as if it didn’t even exist, and suddenly a person would come alive in your mind as if it happened yesterday. Take Hans Naudé for instance. We were sitting under an old bluegum tree not far from Clocolan, where the ants draw circles in the soil, and the falling leaves twirl around each other. I was dozing of myself when for the first time Hans told me about her. I’ve known Hans for nearly four years at the time, yet he never said a single word about the lovely lady, Gemma. Perhaps because of the politics of her being English and he himself a Boer. Never the less, as he was going on about the color of her hair, the look in her eyes and his desire for her lips, I couldn’t help but think that the rinderpes must have had the better of him and that he was actually talking about my Johanna who is still waiting for me in Fouriesburg. Only when he described her fair nose, I realized that it couldn’t be my Johanna for I have never looked at her nose like that. In that sense, I prefer Johanna’s ears much rather then her nose. I also...

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A grapeshot at the individuals advocating the words “Let go and let God”

A grapeshot at the individuals advocating the words “Let go and let God” By Johannes Adriaan Snyman In his book, Jews, God and History, Max I. Dimont makes the statement that an unhistoric people are acted upon by events and a historic people acts upon events. Dimont goes further to say that the Jews have remained a historic people through the centuries because they have always been active agents instead of passive bystanders. My question then, how is it possible to be an active agent in a certain situation, challenge or circumstance while at the same time proclaiming to “let go and let God?” The phrase has through recent time and through most charismatic churches, become a saying so familiar that we hardly even think about the words, where it comes from and its implications on our lives. If the intention behind the words are, for example meant that a person should in his thought patterns let go of the idea that the person acting, has a certain power over the outcome of a situation, then I fully agree, yet the words in the line “let go and let God,” are so few and can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, of which many can lead to unsound and unhealthy beliefs. The other argument may be the idea to let go of stress and worry in order for...

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