Month: November 2016

Wretched Afrikaner

WRETCHED AFRIKANER By Johannes Adriaan Snyman shattered dreams invincible destructive spirit floating smoothly yet in an instant casting upon one a despondency tearing away all joy all love all peace sickening and pathetic our Afrikaner nation a sorrow to behold invincible destructive spirit hovering like the scent of death over the silence of shattered dreams...

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The Stables

The Stables By Johannes Adriaan Snyman It wasn’t the swirl of the kiss. The energy levels were too high. It wasn’t her old fashioned farm style dress, with the short sleeves and the embroiled material around the fine lines of her neck. The excitement was too much. It was the idea, that this very young beautiful girl, barely seventeen years of age, took a sincere interest in a man, she very well knew to be eight years her senior. The idea that this new found, deep and pure affection the couple had toward each other, were as immovable and as firmly planted as the hundred –odd year old oak tree that stood next to the stables. It was around this oak, on this incredibly humid summers day, that Emily took her beloved firmly by the hand, and with some resistance lead him in by the back door where they had no other choice than to be positioned between a great stud horse and a roughly built wall. As is custom on such a warm day, the thunder clouds started building up, with a beautiful dark blue sky, showing off with lightening in a distance, clearly seen but not yet heard. The sun shining its powerful rays on the various colours of green grass, made for a spectacular view against the strong blue sky, and it was this sight Benjamin...

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The Wedding

The Wedding By Johannes Adriaan Snyman It was the brightest of sunny days any bride could have wished for, but the pale look upon Lydia’s face revealed a different cloud hovering over her heart. The venue, spectacular in every way, reflected the beauty of couples joining in matrimony, but the nothingness in her heart overwhelmed any thoughts toward a life lived happily ever after. Lydia was sitting on the grass under a big willow tree some distance from the chapel where Jonathan and herself were suppose to tie the knot only a couple of hours earlier. Given the circumstances, she didn’t want any company, yet when Kathy, her best friend from childhood came strolling over the lawn, Lydia felt a sudden relieve from the deep and dark aloneness that surrounded her. “If you want to be alone…” Kathy started saying, looking with empathy and with a question mark on her face at her friend, whose wedding dress has made a neat circle around her.. “No, you are fine,” Lydia uttered with a coarse voice, which she thought of as very strange as she didn’t cry a single tear since she ran out from the patio of the chapel. She cleared her thought and quickly said; “Please, sit with me.” “I can image how you must feel,” Kathy said sincerely but to the two of them, those words were very...

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Helena Artenton

Helena Artenton By Johannes Adriaan Snyman When a young woman lives on a farm all by herself, deliberately keeping herself from the rest of society, it becomes a rather dreadful challenge to distinguish reality from invented stories. Contributing to the challenge is the fact that more than often, the gossip roaming about is based on actual events, seen or heard by the very society initiating the account, thus eliminating all possible doubt that what is being said could indeed be of an artificial nature. It is because of this then that I find the story of Helena Artenton, indisputably one of the most difficult stories to tell. The Anglo Boer war left many of the Afrikaans school teachers, either through injury or death, unable to continue their occupation, and it so happened that a man by the name of Arno Botha, barely twenty-four years of age, was appointed as a high ranking official to participate in the draft regulation for education in the Union of South Africa. I myself was sent from Pretoria to go and assist Mr. Botha in matters the newly found government referred to as linguistic barriers. Arrie, (the title Mr. Botha didn’t last beyond our first encounter) was from the Free State and needless to say a hefty Afrikaans farmer with a ferocious love for the Afrikaans language. His English could be compared to that...

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A curious case South Africa finds itself in

A curious case South Africa finds itself in By Johannes Adriaan Snyman Previously the enemy was without.  The film,“Boetie gaan border toe” fixates our attention to an enemy on the other side of an established border. The “communist threat,” at least in our minds at the time, existed in parts quite removed from our homes, our existence and our livelihood. The enemy was a force who could be seen, identified and dealt with. There was a measure of achievement, and strategies could be assembled based on the available information. Not so today for the enemy is very much in our midst. The enemy is walking in our streets, in our shops and in our parks. The enemy has entered into our homes, our bedrooms, gruesomely killing our men and children. Our adversaries currently wait at traffic lights, killing our wives who just happen to be on their way to work, school or a shopping mall. It is an enemy we find it difficult and near impossible to see, or recognize. It is an enemy far more dangerous than any soldier fighting for honor and glory, for this enemy values his own life far less than we value our own. This kind of enemy has no morals, no reasoning and no sense of ethical behavior.  Though created in the imaged of God, he gave himself to a despicable and an...

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